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Reasons to use The Premier Partnership Limited to look after your affairs

It’s the question that keeps us all very aware of the needs and requirements of our clients, and one that we quite often start our brainstorming meetings with (Yes – we do have them!) Whilst advice is not free, and many choose a ‘Do it Yourself’ approach, it often becomes apparent to even the most savvy individual that there are certain times, when certain complex issues arise, either in pensions, investments or Estate or tax planning, that you may need some guidance and assistance.

We call those ‘touch points’, when people have a question they need answering. So we thought we would put together our top 10, plus 10 other reasons (or touch points) why you may need assistance in areas that affect your family’s wealth and happiness. The first list is easy, but with ongoing commoditisation of financial and investment management services, we thought we would broaden that list out a bit, and for a bit of fun, to give you a wider view, and perhaps a bit more food for thought.

Questions and answers crossword

  • To protect your loved ones
  • To help plan your spending and saving
  • To help plan your retirement
  • Inheritance Tax (IHT) & Estate planning
  • To find a genuinely objective product assessment
  • To find and retain the right mix of assets
  • To help your dreams come true
  • Tax planning & Saving money
  • To help you stay on the straight and narrow
  • Good old fashioned peace of mind

Reasons to consider us as your financial adviser

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You’ve got better things to do

With the help of Google and sites such as Citywire Money, in theory all you need to be your own financial planner is the time and inclination. The problem is that there’s so much information available: you need a lot of time to wade through it all. Even if you have the time, sitting and watching your stocks all day is not going to do your blood pressure any good.

Cutting through the noise

How do you cut through all the noise and sheer weight of information to get the information or advice that is right for you? Many people naturally fall back on referrals from peer networks - either online or in the real world. Would you take the medicine prescribed for your friends, or accept a diagnosis from people you don’t know on the internet? Probably not. So why settle for unprofessional advice when it comes to your finances? Peer networks tend to be dominated by a few people with their own agendas. Although you’ll hear plenty bragging about successes very few are prepared to admit their mistakes.

What’s your number?

Half the battle is in knowing how much money is enough. Financial planners are skilled at taking your dreams and goals and quantifying them. Having a target to aim for makes financial decision making a lot easier.

The secret to your financial independence

The most affective way to achieve financial independence is to do the small but important things regularly for long enough. Unfortunately, this boring truth does not get much media publicity because it is not good copy. Good financial planners know which of your financial levers to pull for the best effect.

Knowing yourself

Evolution has not wired human beings to make good financial decisions. Our urge to be part of the pack, to overvalue the short term, and our aversion to losses can cause us real financial harm. A financial planner has the objectivity to help stop your heart ruling your head

Telling it to you straight

Buying a guaranteed lifetime income is very expensive, especially right now. For most people, this means compromising by either accepting less income or more risk. A financial planner has the skills to explain the risk versus reward trade-off, so you can take the route that is right for you.

Someone you are accountable to

Unfortunately, too many people who make their own financial plans don’t actually follow through on them. A financial planner will be the ‘monkey on your back’ to ensure you take the steps needed to achieve your long term goals.

Someone who is accountable to you

The financial services sector is rife with conflicts of interest. A good financial planner will be upfront with you about any part of their service that conflicts with your interests.

It doesn’t have to be about a product

Unlike most financial salespeople, a financial planner will not be reliant on selling you a financial product. This is why they have the objectivity needed to provide financial planning advice that is right for you.

Financial Planners will have a wealth of practical hint and tips to help improve your finances. Ultimately, a good adviser can and will influence, and potentially even change client behaviour. In a world where personal finance issues have become increasingly – and often unnecessarily – complex, an adviser can help clients figure out what is true and what isn’t. What works, what matters, what is useful and appropriate, and what can go wrong. There are few enough people with expertise sufficient enough to begin to do all that for themselves, as nobody can do it objectively. Which is why a good adviser is a necessity.

Our pledge is to provide a service which is clear and easy to understand. We provide our clients with clear information and keep them informed before, during and after the original point of sale.

Our clients are provided with advice which is clear, suitable and takes account of individual circumstances. Our clients will not and do not face unreasonable post sale barriers to change products or switch providers.

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How we’ve helped out – What Our Clients Say

“I have recently accessed my portfolio online through the Client Services Portal and have found this to be an invaluable media with which to track my investments. Regular updates ensure the latest information is available.”


“I found working with the team at Premier very professional. The amount of work and effort the guys put in to helping me out with my retirement planning exceeded all expectations. Clearly a lot of time and effort has been put in to the services they offer clients. The app is great for checking news and valuations of my investments on the go.”


"In retirement do I or my wife want to worry about whether our pension pot needs to be invested in Japan or Europe?  No - that's why we  have appointed The Premier Partnership to research that on my behalf and decide accordingly. That way lies more time to corrupt our three grandchildren into the dark arts of fishing and cricket at Worcester!" 


“We have worked alongside The Premier Partnership on mutual client matters for a number of years and always found their service and support to be first class. Nigel and the team put the clients’ needs firmly at the heart of everything they do and in doing so have developed long and trusting relationships“.

Paul Ord
Investment Manager - Quilter

“There is an old adage that ‘he who has himself for an adviser has a fool for a client.’ I subscribe to it. So that whilst I take a keen interest in my financial affairs, it gives me reassurance to know that Premier Partnership are taking an objective and independent interest in them too. Meanwhile a varied and fulfilling working life has given me, in retirement, some quite challenging Inheritance Tax problems. I would not dream of trying to tackle them without Premier Partnership’s guidance.”


“I have telephoned Nigel this morning and as usual he was pleased to give me advice. He is so helpful and although I was a bit embarrassed telling him I was short of ready cash, he was just his usual calm self.”


 "Premier Partnership Ltd." like any partnership is based around trust, the trust starts to build from meeting your advisor, David in our case. We were assured that it is our portfolio and advised thereafter very professionally, explaining all the different options, platforms and risk assessments. The web site gives total transparency 24hrs a day. From a simple phone call, to a scheduled meeting you feel you are the only client, and nothing is to much. thank you."


“The Premier Partnership have guided us through the daunting process of auto enrolment and continue to support the organisation on a monthly basis. They offer clear, professional and impartial advice which has been invaluable to us. With their support, we are confident we are meeting the legal requirements of Auto enrolment.”