A Correction – or a Bear Market?
The spirit of Octobers past continues to sit heavily over the World Stock markets, as the shakeout in share prices continues, but you know the mantra by now; “In the face of market volatility, keep calm and stay the course”.
Unnerving though markets may be at the moment, it should be remembered that despite recent falls in value, US Equities are still up over 10% year to date.
Trade fears are responsible for the current equity markets, malaise with an added dose of Brexit uncertainty overshadowing the UK. Over the last year equity markets as a whole have not made much progress, and we will comment on this in our market special investment commentary, which will follow this blog, with a more comprehensive review of the current situation.
We predicted more equity market volatility at the beginning of the year, and we are certainly getting that. So whilst October again proves to be a ‘witching’ month for markets; economies remain strong, and this fact is what investors will refer back to, once markets calm down.
In the meantime, tin hats on!