What to expect

Building the relationship

Our Client Proposition seeks to provide you with an overview of The Premier Partnership Limited, the services which we provide and how we charge for them.

The Premier Partnership Limited uses a robust process to ensure we deliver a high standard of service to our clients. We treat customers fairly and believe that customers should be offered a transparent charging system for the advice they are given.

We want to ensure that our clients are clear about the service they receive and how they will receive it.

We will always aim to provide you with the service or product that is most suitable to your needs at any point. Through discussion and agreement with you we will identify the best solution for your needs without any bias. If we do recommend any products we will ensure that you both understand and require the plan. Your circumstances may mean that we do not recommend any product.

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Free Initial Meeting

Our first meeting with you will be at our expense to discuss your particular needs. This gives you the opportunity to discuss our service propositions and decide which best suits you. This can be reviewed at your discretion.  

Understanding your needs and requirements

Before we can give any advice or recommendations we need to fully understand your circumstances and requirements.
This stage of the process will be on-going as your circumstances will change over time and it is important these are acted upon.

Research and Recommendations

At this stage we gather all the information about you including goals and objectives. We also obtain any information on existing plans to get a complete picture.
We will also ascertain your attitude to risk to find the most suitable investment that you will be comfortable with.
We will investigate the different solutions from the many institutions currently available from the whole of the market.
Your adviser will construct a detailed written report which will confirm your current circumstances and the solutions we recommend.
A further meeting may be required to discuss the recommendations in more details. We will also help you to complete any paperwork and contact providers on your behalf. At this stage, we will disclose and agree with you all charges applicable and explain how they will be paid.

Implementation and confirmation

As soon as you are happy with the recommendations we will arrange implementation, keeping you up to date throughout the whole process.

High level service, monitoring and review

Dependent upon the level of service you choose, your adviser will contact you annually as a minimum in order to arrange a discussion or meeting to review your financial circumstances, objectives and attitude to risk.
Thereby ensuring your plans are on track and meet your aims and objectives. Again, dependant on the service you chose, we will also provide you with annual valuations as a minimum. Please note that any ongoing service agreed can be cancelled by you, at any time.


Our pledge is to provide a service which is clear and easy to understand. We provide our clients with clear information and keep them informed before, during and after the original point of sale.

Our clients are provided with advice which is clear, suitable and takes account of individual circumstances. Our clients will not and do not face unreasonable post sale barriers to change products or switch providers.


We all have financial needs, and finding an affordable solution to meeting those needs is an area that many people seek advice upon.

Our advice and services are paid by fee. All our pricing and charges are transparent and clear to understand.

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